Monday, December 5, 2016

Our December Gathering

Our brunch gathering at the Carss Park cafe for Christmas was a great time. All our Sydney members were able to attend.

Having finished Jenny's Twister quilt it was raffled and won by Karen W.

We filled our day with a very active time at home finishing off all sorts of bits and pieces.

There was lots of active discussion over block designs for our next quilt and two people actually finished their blocks to give me.

This is a photo of a sampler quilt we completed in about 2010.

Work was done on bordering the twin quilts that used Linda's Rings fabric.

Progress was made on Heather's Purple Butterflies quilt. Karen G started sewing the strips together on Friday and this was continued then I was able to attach the first border so that the quilt (all on the bias) does not stretch along the edges before we get back to it.

We now start 2017 with only 4 quilts on the go - Jenny's Churn Dash, Linda's Rings (twin quilts), and Heather's Purple Butterflies. Then there is our new sampler quilt to add to our list. Things slowed down a bit over the last two years as we received quite a few donated quilts to finish off. I think we are now back to choosing from our lucky dip basket when we need a new challenge.

Thanks for a great year.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Quilting in October

We had a small but very productive group this month. Two quilts were finished and raffled - Valerie's Liberty Lattice (won by Carol) and Jeanette's Beacon Lights (won by Stephanie).

Valerie's Liberty Lattice
Jeanette's Beacon Lights
Karen W, Robyn, Linda and Betty had lots of chatter and hard work to get a three more quilts almost done. Perhaps they'll be finished this year? If you'd like to book a day or half day to help me finish them or if you'd like to take home a binding to handsew then please let me know.

Robyn spent time on Jenny's Bright Flowers which now needs a border before sandwiching.

Betty completed the quilting on Jenny's Twister which now just needs the binding attached.

Karen, Robyn and Linda worked on cutting Heather's Purple Flower blocks to create the hidden nine-patch. Karen and Robyn also joined the second top of Linda's Rings quilts. These two quilts are the end of the backlog so by our next gathering we should be ready to draw another lucky dip.

Thank you to those who worked so hard and create a feeling of achievement for the group.

See you at the Christmas gathering.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

More quilting in August

Today some of us got together for an impromptu extra quilting day. Between us we have worked wonders.

Again we had a fabulous lunch together and a delicious afternoon tea.

Carol quilted and bound Jeanette's Beacon Lights. Only the hand hemming and the label to do now.

Elaine started attaching borders to Linda's Circle Quilt #1.

Betty joined all the strips together on the strippy quilt started in July. In the process the sewing machine inherited from Ruth is now up and running. So if you can use a knee lever machine it is up and ready.

Karen finished the borders on Jenny's Twister quilt then we all finished the day by sandwiching it and tacking ready for quilting next time.

Jenny would have been with us but called in sick, she has the flu. Get better soon Jenny.

At our October weekend we need to bind the twister quilt then label it and another one will be finished. Soon we'll have enough quilts finished to be able to draw another block.

Thanks for a wonderful day together.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Quilting in August

Just before I went away Elaine, Pernilla and I worked on some UFOs. Elaine put the label on the Machu Pitchu Stars quilt which then finished that one and Pernilla (who has been here from Sweden for a few of our gatherings) spent her time sizing some orphan blocks and putting them together. She is going to mount the mediallion onto some navy fabric she has been storing at my place for the last few years. I also used orphan blocks and strips to create a Strippy Quilt top. I've yet to finish it.

On Saturday we only had three of us (myself, Karen W and Linda). However we did achieve lots in our day together.

Our first task was to draw the Machu Pitchu stars quilt. It was won by Helen in Tin Can Bay. She is thrilled but has asked that it be donated to Aussie Heros. So here comes another one Stephanie.

Next we decided again how to create borders for Jenny's Twister quilt top and Karen worked on that for the day.

There were also times when she was able to mentor Linda in her task of joining some batting strips together.

My particular task for most of the day was to quilt Valerie's Liberty block quilt. I was also able to attach the binding so Karen has taken that one home to finish off.

Together we worked methodically and quickly to sandwich Jeanette's Beacon Lights quilt and perhaps next time we can get that one finished.

As we still have at least 6 quilts on the go we did not draw another lucky dip fabric and block.

On my recent trip I met another quilter keen to join our group. Welcome Gill (from Melbourne). Hope you can join us in Sydney sometime soon.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Just a few quick pics

The results from our last quilting day together.

One finished quilt.

Carol adding the finishing touches.
Stephanie and Karen experimenting with Linda's Rings blocks.

Valeries' Liberty blocks ready for quilting. This was one we did a very long time ago.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Baby Quilts for Linda

At last I have fund the twin quilts we completed for Linda and Mike's twins Jessica and Olivia.

The blocks are hidden nine-patch blocks.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas High Tea

Last weekend we all enjoyed our Christmas High Tea and then returned to my place for an afternoon of quilting.

We completed putting two quilt tops together and I'll get on and back them after the chaos of Christmas subsides.

Karen brought along another batch of Artist Trading Card from her recent trip to Atherton so if you are so inclined to swap any then start making a few to swap next time we meet.

We have drawn our next fabric and block design and I will send out instructions after Christmas as well. Meanwhile I have sent out the pieces of fabric to make use of the 70c postage that is about to go up.

We certainly enjoyed our time together and I take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Air Con in October

Our gathering in October happened on a very hot day but as I now have air conditioning upstairs we were able to sew without drips of perspiration falling on the fabric. Such a change from previous years over the summer months when we have almost died up there.

 We have finished the Bright Flowers quilt ready to donate to Aussie Heros.

 Linda's twins are due in December so she was not very active but was an excellent supervisor and passer of blocks.

Ivy just loves patchwork too. 
 We have now put all the sashing and cornerstones on Valerie's Liberty blocks seen here on the design wall.

Geoff of course had to be there to bring ivy.

We put up the blocks for Jeanette's star blocks and it was amazing how awful they looked when we put them up in the design on the instruction page. We then shuffled them a bit and came up with this layout which is much better. With a bit of tweeking the blocks will make a great single bed topper. We have some blocks that have not been returned yet because Carol was sick and Elaine was in Cairns so neither could attend.

Here is a photo of our next block completed by Jenny. Below it is a photo of how it will be cut but please send yours back without cutting it. The only fixed positions are the fabrics supplied as per the instructions.

Thanks to all those who came and/or completed blocks and made our day a most productive one.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Two Cold Days in August

This month we decided to have two Saturdays quilting and both were quite cold days. Over the time I was joined by Karen W., Elaine, Carol, Linda, and our newest member Valda.

Valda started by adding a label to and removing tacking from our latest completed quilt. We have called it Lilac Garden. It was inspired by Heather's focus fabric and a 2-4-6 block. Note the appliqued flowers that cover a tiny hole in one of the squares!

Lilac Garden - won by Karen G.
 Congratulations to Karen G on her win! Her contribution to the group finances will go to charity in lieu of the quilt if she chooses to keep it. Otherwise the quilt will go to charity.

We drew our next lucky dip block and to our surprise  it was another of Jeanette's fabric donations and of course another complex pointy block. I've made the block and created instructions which I have emailed out to you all. Fabric will come in the mail soon.

Karen W. is now visiting our mutual friend in Malanda Qld who introduced us to Artist Trading Cards. She has taken up the next 9 ATCs in exchange for 9 that were sent down earlier this year. If you'd like to swap some please just let me know as I still have a few swaps from the Atherton group.

With the help of all the workers over the two days we have progressed with some of our other quilts and some can be seen in the photos above. Perhaps by the end of the year we'll have a few more completed. Thank you all for your hard work.